Award Recipients

Each year over the last thirty years, the French American Foundation for Medical Research and Education (FFMRE) has awarded scholarships to students of Stanford University’s and University of California in San Francisco’s schools of Medicine. Each year, our Scholarships Committee which selects the recipients has been amazed at their personal skills and background, as well as their vision of the profession.

Both universities – Stanford and UCSF – are national leaders in the medical field, and their students undoubtedly reflect their standards and teaching excellence. Most impressive, our recipients from both schools have unique personalities and we are deeply honored to provide a modest help to further their promising careers.


Sofia Essayan-Perez, Stanford
Vishalli Loomba, UCSF
Galen Bussmann, UCSF
Pavin Trinh, Stanford
Twan Sia, Stanford
Livier Camarena Sanchez, Stanford

Jill Anderson, Stanford
Joy Jin, UCSF
Marycon Chin Jiro, UCSF
Lydia Tam, Stanford

Aude Bouagnon, UCSF
Elodia Caballero, UCSF
Christopher Magnani, Stanford
Paras Minhas, Stanford

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