Founded in 1962 by a group of physicians of the former French Hospital and civic leaders of the French Community in San Francisco, the Foundation is incorporated in the State of California as an independent non-profit public benefit organization.

Members of the Foundation

Membership in the Foundation is open to all who are interested in supporting its goals and contributing to its various functions on a voluntary basis. Prospective members are nominated by at least one regular member and they shall be eligible for a regular membership upon approval of the application by the Board of Trustees. Requests for membership information can be made to: contact@ffmre.org


Members of the Board of Trustees are elected to one-year terms by the general membership at the annual business meeting of the Foundation. To qualify for election, one must have been a member of the Foundation in good standing for at least six months and be a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area. Officers of the board are in turn elected by the newly elected trustees.


Professor Luc Montagnier
Consul General of France in San Francisco


Jean-Pierre Bernard, Ph.D.
Immediate Past Presidents:
Roland J. Barakett, M.D.
Rita Melkonian, M.D.
Samer Itani, D.D.S.
Dori Bonn
Jean-Pierre Bernard, Ph.D.
David M. Blende, D.D.S.
Dori Bonn
David Bourdet, Ph.D.
Thomas Célérier
Robert David
Judith Hanks
Ann Hicks
Samer Itani, D.D.S.
Marc Libarle
Jack Noyes, M.D.
Robert A. Pechoultres
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