The French-American Foundation for Medical Research and Education was founded in 1962 by a group of physicians of the former French Hospital and civic leaders of the French Community in San Francisco. Its goal is to support research and education for “benefit the health and well-being of all people”. Its current focus is on helping young people get started in the health sciences. It does this by providing scholarships to talented students in the San Francisco Bay Area who need financial aid. It also provides small start-up grants to those interested in research.
The French-American Foundation is administered by a Board of Trustees composed of physicians, allied health professionals, and community representatives. The Board and its committees function in a totally voluntary organization. The Board meets quarterly. The Annual Meeting of the membership takes place in October. Its Projects and Awards Committee, composed of physicians and specialists in other fields, conduct detailed evaluations of applications for scholarships, grants and awards, and makes recommendations to the Board.

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